Kanavas Lawn Care Services

Kanavas offers a comprehensive lawn care solution encompassing advanced fertilization for robust growth, strategic aeration for soil health and root strength, and effective insect and grub control to protect and maintain a lush, healthy lawn. Each service is designed to work in harmony, ensuring your lawn not only looks great but is also strong and resilient.

Lawn Maintenance

Our program focuses on creating a lush, robust lawn by integrating advanced techniques in fertilization, weed control, overseeding, and aeration. This comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of your lawn's health and appearance is meticulously managed.


Aeration, a crucial aspect of our lawn care services, provides essential oxygen to the soil, significantly boosting grass root strength. This key process leads to a visibly thicker, more vibrant, and healthier lawn, enhancing overall turf quality.

Insect & Grub

Safeguard your outdoor space with our effective solutions for mosquitoes, grubs, and various other pests. Our targeted treatments protect your lawn, ensuring you can enjoy your yard without the hassle of unwanted insects.

5 Step Lawn Care Program

The Kanavas 5 Step Lawn Care Program is a comprehensive approach to lawn health, encompassing seasonal treatments for year-round vibrancy. Starting with spring fertilization and crabgrass control, it progresses through organic-enriched summer feedings and weed control, culminating in a winterizer treatment for enduring strength. This program is meticulously designed to ensure your lawn remains lush, thick, and healthy throughout the year, adapting to each season’s specific needs.

Step 1: Spring Step 2: Early Summer Step 3: Summer Step 4: Fall Step 5: Winterize
Slow release granular fertilizer
Slow release granular fertilizer with organics
Pre-emergent crabgrass control
Liquid weed control

Premium Add-Ons

Core Aeration
Overseeding to Aeration

Insect Control

Grub Control
Mosquito Program
Kanavas lawn care program for all seasons