Weeds 101

Welcome to Kanavas Lawn, your dedicated partner in achieving a thriving, picturesque lawn tailored to the unique conditions of the Milwaukee area. Our specialized fertilizer and weed control treatments are meticulously crafted to elevate your outdoor space, ensuring it flourishes despite the challenges presented by Wisconsin’s changing environment.  Kanavas Lawn delivers precisely that – a personalized plan designed to nurture your grass and combat the common broadleaf weeds that can compromise the beauty of your lawn. Trust Kanavas Lawn to provide the expertise needed to transform your lawn into a resilient, lush sanctuary that reflects the natural splendor of Wisconsin.

Common Wisconsin Broadleaf Weeds Treated by Kanavas Lawn:

Weed TypeDescription
ChickweedCreeping, mat-forming plant with small, oval-shaped leaves; produces small, white flowers; thrives in moist and shady areas.
Canada ThistleTall weed with spiky leaves and purple or white flowers.
Creeping CharlieGround-hugging plant with round leaves and square stems; produces small, tubular purple flowers; often found in shaded areas and lawns.
Curly DockDistinctive curled or wavy leaves with reddish-brown seed heads; prefers disturbed areas, roadsides, and waste places.
DandelionDistinctive yellow flowers with toothed leaves in a basal rosette.
Buckhorn PlantainLong, narrow leaves with prominent parallel veins; produces tall spikes of small, greenish flowers; common in lawns and disturbed areas.
Broadleaf DockLarge, lance-shaped leaves with wavy edges; produces tall, reddish-brown seed heads; commonly found in fields, gardens, and disturbed areas.
Common PurslaneLow-growing succulent with fleshy, paddle-shaped leaves; small yellow flowers; often found in gardens, sidewalks, and disturbed areas.
Broadleaf PlantainOval-shaped leaves with prominent parallel veins; produces tall spikes of small, greenish flowers; common in lawns and compacted soils.
White CloverLow-growing weed with trifoliate leaves and white ball-like flowers.

Our targeted approach to broadleaf weed control addresses these common Wisconsin nuisances, ensuring your lawn not only survives but thrives in the diverse conditions of the Badger State. Choose Kanavas Lawn for a tailored solution that turns your lawn into a resilient, visually stunning masterpiece.

Chickweed closeup
Creeping Charlie close up
Creeping Charlie aka Ground Ivy
White clover